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Kodaikanal is a hill station/resort|(around 2100mt above sealevel ) near dindigul in Tamilnadu. It is a favourite destination for newlyweds on their honeymoon and for students on their school/college tours or for families on holiday.

If you are coming from chennai(madras) there is a setc bus and also private buses to kodaikanal.

If you coming via tamilnadu, you have to reach trichy, then go to dindugal. From dindigul, there are buses to kodaikanal at frequent intervals from early morning. or you can go to Batlagundu( vathalagundu /Vetrilaikunru ) which is around 40 kms from kodaikanal and from where there are frequent buses to kodaikanal.

The route to kodaikanal is through the mountain roads and the scenery is very beautiful on the drive up/down the route.

Remember to take your wool clothing/sweaters with you since it is pretty cold (around 20 degree celsius) most of the time in kodaikanal.

When you get down from the bus at the bus stand, plenty of persons/guides will surround you offering to help you in finding a room, and advertising a site seeing tour in groups of around 7 to 15 persons.

It is better to book your room before you reach kodaikanal especially if you are travelling with your family(you can get phone numbers from a internet search). You can get a pretty good room for a small family for about 900-1500 per day(in early 2014).

The one thing that was missing in kodaikanal was the autorickshaws(in 2014). But there are taxis parked just outside the busstand. You can negotiate with them for taking you to places of interest to you.(I personally do not like the tour group idea with a fixed timetable)

One of the main attractions is the Kodai lake (a man made lake of about 60 acres) with boating facilities.

Bryant park with plenty of flowers (lots of varieties of roses, daisies, hydrangeas, old trees etc) and is close to the lake.

Coaker's walk is a paved path on the south side of kodaikanal. If there is no mist , you can get a very beautiful view of the valley and towns in the distance.

There is a large pine tree plantation/forest in kodaikanal.

Kodaikanal has a very beautiful golf course.

Bear Shola falls is a waterfalls in a forest.

Silver cascade waterfalls is formed from the outflow of water from kodai lake.

Dolphin's nose is rock projection on chasm and is close to pambar falls(of liril ad shoot)

Berijam lake is around 20 km from kodaikanal and permission from the forest department is required to go there.

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