Wednesday, April 26, 2017

basic math formulae for students

basic math formulae for students

list of important math formulae for students of class 10 and cbse ncert and stateboards like
identitites , surds, indices, quadratic equations,  complex numbers, progressions like AP ,GP, HP
sum  of the first n natural numbers, sum of their squares and their cubes, Analytical geometry like coordinate,
straight line, circle etc

important formula list for math students of class 10, class 11 class12 of cbse ncert isc and state boards

Important results on how to handle indices and surds, some important algebraic identities

Indices, surd, algebraic identity

roots of quadratic equation,formula to find the root of the quadratic equation,
 relation between roots and coefficient of the quadratic equation, nature of the root using discriminant
Quadratic equation

Complex number, concept of the imaginary unit i, powers of i, real and imaginary parts of
a complex number, modulus amplitude form

Complex number

Arithmetic progression (AP), Geometric progression (G.P),
sum of the first n natural numbers, sum of the squares and cubes of the first n natural numbers
Arithmetic progression (AP), Geometric progression (G.P)
distance between two points, section formula, midpoint formula, equation of
straight line , point slope,two point, intercept form, equation of circle, condition
for orthogonal circle, equation of tangent to a circle are given.

co ordinate, straight line , circle
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