Monday, March 16, 2009

applying for a pan card in india

applying for a pan card in india
Now the pan card is needed for paying income tax website:
and even for investment in mutual funds
With income tax season coming around, lately small banners have been coming up at many places in kerala advertising about applying for a pan card. but i do not feel very confident about some of them.

My friend recently applied for a pan card .
he went to the uti office (uti technology services ) website seems to be (i think it is the same company as that handles mutual funds) , both offices were in the same building in this case, mutual fund office was on the second floor and the other on the top floor

they gave him a pan application form (for a small charge), he filled most of the details by himself, the people in the uti office helped him in filling the rest (like ward no. etc ) of the details and asked for copies of identity proof etc.
application form of pan card seems to be available at

after giving the application form, he was given a reciept and he got the pan card in around two to three weeks.

the tracker for the pan card status seems to be available at

note that income tax return forms seem to be available at

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