Tuesday, May 26, 2009

is it possible to make money online

Is it possible to make money online? Most websites say that having a blog with some advertisements from google adsense, adbrite, bidvertiser, tyroo so on is the easiest way to make money. But the problem is that you need more than 1000 hits per day to generate any meaningful revenue. To get that kind of pageviews per day, you need to generate that much quality content and that will take a lot of your time.

There are many  fake surveys also doing the rounds. Some of the better paying surveys are only available to people in the developed countries like Britain, Canada etc and is not available to people from countries like India since the people conducting the surveys may be interested in the people who are likely to use their products.

There are also options like micro tasks which may be sometime spreading spam by making comments on blogs, popularising links/content on twitter, facebook etc.

There are also some options like upwork (similar to free lancer ) where you have to bid for the work(like editing, writing articles etc ) , and you have to have the necessary knowledge to take up the available work and a good internet connection to be able to finish the work properly and to the satisfaction of the person who wanted you to do the work.

You can also use websites like ebay to sell stuff for profit, but you have to be very prompt with your customer service and the competition will be very high for most of the common items and the margins on some  items might be very small.

Another thing that you have to consider , if you are in places like India is how the payout is made and what kind of expenses(charges etc) will come if you are cashing a cheque denominated in dollars at your local bank.
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