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journey from trivandrum to karaikudi

journey from trivandrum to karaikudi

The route was along
Trivandrum - Martandam - Nagercoil - Thirunelveli -Madurai - Melur - Karaikudi
around 400 km. NH 47 and then NH 7

The road from Trivandrum to Nagercoil was the worst in terms of congestion and it took around 2 hours. There was also a small strip of road at Martandam near the bridge which was full of potholes (This could be avoided by taking a side road ).

After that there was a 4-lane road (2-lanes each for either direction) for most of the route to Madurai, which bypassed most of the small towns. But there is some construction going on at some parts of the road. So there is diversion at some parts
and you might also see some vehicles, (some of which are part of the road works ) coming at you from the opposite direction in your lane due to these diversions.
There was also some construction work near Thirunelveli which caused some traffic block for around 20 minutes.

Earlier you would buy sweets like thenkuzhal(the sweet, not the murukku) , aluva etc at thirunelveli. You could buy small cucumbers, pomegranite at various small towns, but most of these are not possible on the new 4-lane road unless you went out of the way along the exit to visit those towns. You could go to the new bus stand at Thirunelveli and buy the sweets from the shops inside the bus stand.

Earlier it was a headache to go through Madurai due to the traffic, but now there is a bypass [ There is a right angle turn towards the right with a (unmarked ?)bump leading to the bypass ] There is a toll of Rs. 35 /-(depending on where you are going) and around four toll gates where you have to show your receipt. There is also some traffic on the bypass since it is connected to the city at some points.

After that the journey is along the 4-lane road for some more distance. You can bypass Melur and take the cut for Karaikudi from the 4-lane road if you know the correct cut [ a vendor of tender coconuts on the roadside told me about that in terms of the approximate distance km ]

After that the road is the usual 2-lane(1-lane each for either direction)with some tamarind trees on the sides.

There is a lot more traffic in Karaikudi. Traffic signals have been installed. A traffic warden shouts at people who have not parked properly through a public address system. Road dividers have come up on the main road.

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