Tuesday, December 8, 2009

trivandrum to leepuram near kanyakumari

journey from trivandrum to leepuram near kanyakumari

Recently I went to visit someone in leepuram near kanyakumari.
We started out around 11am from trivandrum. The roads were not that crowded at that time.After the overpass over the railway line at nagercoil, the road divides into two. When we go to thirunelveli, we usually take the one on the left and the other one if we want to go into the town. But for going to kanyakumari, I think it is better to take the road on the right, especially if you are not conversant in Tamil, as there are boards all along the way in english and tamil.

Anyway we took the road along the left, went someway and asked some autodriver about the way. He pointed us the along the road that went straight through the town, along the bus stand and some market street, both of which were very congested at that time, and there were some unmarked bumps near some school or something.

After that you go along NH47 towards kanyakumari. The view on both sides is nice with paddy fields, coconut trees and small water bodies. I also noticed some fields with tapioca.

After going along NH47 for around 20 km we asked for directions at a wayside shop and the person gave directions to a road along the left which led us to some place called kottaram and vattakotai (circular fort) .There were some potholes on this road. From there leepuram was around 3 kms away towards the right from the junction.
(just before vattakotai some large scale construction on some highway or something seems to be going on)

For the return journey , after coming back to NH47, we just followed the boards on the traffic signals at the junctions. This time round we avoided coming through the inside of nagercoil. Just outside the town, there are roadside vendors selling tender coconuts and nongu sherbet (nongu is the fruit of panamaram a type of palm tree).
Nongu is a lot cheaper and fresher than one can get in trivandrum.

But on the return journey the road was a lot more congested, especially near martandam, the kaliyakkavila border, pappanamcode etc. and it took more than 1 hour to cover the last 25km.

Anyway I think the best time for this route would be in the early morning before 7am (very sparse traffic but the buses might come at you on the wrong side of the road when they are overtaking etc) or around 11am (light to medium traffic).

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