Tuesday, June 28, 2011

some alternatives to fast food

In Indian families in the cities , if both the father and mother are working parents, it is common to depend on hotel food or fast food or snacks from the bakery at least once or twice a week. Most of this type of food may be fatty and the soda (carbonated drinks) contain empty calories and lots of sugar (you will be surprised at the quantity of sugar that is listed on the contents of most carbonated drinks) . Drinking a lot of carbonated drinks without washing the teeth properly is an easy way to tooth decay and tooth ache.

Most parents seem to forget about the importance of fresh fruits and vegetables for the healthy growth of the human body. It is quite useful to stock up on the fresh fruits of the season which may provide a good snack for children.

Carrots, cucumbers etc and be sliced up and served as an alternative to oily snacks like chips.

You can use water or fresh juices or tender coconut water (karikkin vellam or elani) if available instead of carbonated beverages.

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