Saturday, December 3, 2011

buying a sewing machine

My wife wanted to buy a sewing machine for some time. We went to look for a sewing machine at a shop near the palayam market. There were many types of lower cost machines ranging from small tabletop machines (running on electricity) costing around 3000 rupees to 4000 rupees and manual sewing machines starting from around 5200 rupees for usha sewing machines , meritt sewing machines , singer sewing machines and so on. There were also some electrical sewing machines costing around 7000 rupees to 8000 rupees with a mixer (mixie ) as free gift.

My wife wanted to buy a manually operated singer sewing machine. The shop keeper told us that some of the internal parts of that particular sewing machine could be easily accessed by the lay user. The singer sewing machine cost around Rs.5800 /-. We used an autorickshaw to take it from the shop. The sewing machine came with some spare bobbins, screw drivers, some lubrication oil, washers etc.

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