Wednesday, July 8, 2009

cable vs dth service

We had been using cable tv from asianet for many years. Initially it was for one tv and the cost was around Rs.180/- which was later increased to around 200 rupees.
They had introduced a set top box and digital service. But we did not change over to that.
Then we asked them for an extra connection for another tv which increased the charge to around 285 rupees. The only problem was that now and then some of the english channels like star world,some sports channels etc would just disappear for some months .

Then the age of dth channels came around with doordarshan dth service, dish tv , tata sky airtel dth, suntv dth etc.

We opted for tata sky in addition to the cable service .
We selected the package which consisted of most of the south indian channels, sports channels , english movie channels, music channels etc. In those days there were also radio channels from all india radio on tata sky.
But after a few days the radio channels just disappeared from tata sky.
Then one by one most of the sports channels and some other channels started to be moved into other packages for which the subscriber had to pay extra money. Most of the repackaging of sports channels would happen when there was some cricket match or series likely to be watched by indians.

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