Tuesday, July 14, 2009

mobile cell phones vs landline

In the old days, the only telecom company in India was BSNL, the government controlled entity.
There was no mobile network. Only landlines were present. Getting a telephone connection was a long process. You applied for a connection and waited for something like months before you got a telephone alloted to you.

But now with the arrival of cell phone companies , getting a phone connection is a lot easier. You just go to a phone shop (or even some other general stores) with a passport size photo and copies of identification documents like voter id etc, and you can buy a sim card which is usually activated then itself on receipt of the identification documents by the shop keeper.

some of the networks in kerala are idea ( earlier bpl mobile or escotel ? ) , bsnl cellone, airtel, tata indicom





There have been problems with call congestion on certain networks during peak usage hours. There are also complaints about billing on post paid services of some service providers. There are also some problems with unwanted promotional messages, advertisement calls etc.

In kerala mobile phones have become very common place. Even people earning very little money like casual labourers , auto drivers etc use mobile phones (usually cheap mobile handsets with black and white display) to keep in touch with their clientele.
Some college students carry around two or three mobile phones. Students seem to be searching for the latest and hottest mobile phones. Sometimes this kind of mobile phone usage seems to develop into something like an addiction. There was even an incident when some student committed suicide apparently because his parents enforced some ban on his cell phone usage.

There also have been safety concerns on the use of mobile phones by very young children.
Some governments have banned the use of cell phones in schools and some universities like anna university in tamilnadu have banned the use of camera phones in engineering colleges during class hours.

Using a mobilephone while driving is very dangerous since the reaction time may be slower.

Some of the qualities to look for in a mobile phone seem to be ruggedness ,durability, memory, camera quality in case of a phone with camera, texting ease, should fit easily in ones pocket etc.

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