Wednesday, April 27, 2011

hindustan motor's ambassador

In the old days (around 1970's) the common cars in india were hindustan motor's ambassador, fiats and premier padminis. My father bought a second hand ambassador car around1977. It served him very well for more than 30 years till his demise.

It was a really spacious car. It ran on petrol with an SU carburettor. With proper tuning by an experienced mechanic you could make the engine real silent and you could get mileages of something like 8 to 10 km per litre in the city. It could go upto around 110 km per hr. You could run down to 15 to 20 km/hr in the fourth gear without having to change to 3rd or 2nd, which was pretty useful for city driving.

It had good ground clearance and the suspension was pretty good and suitable for the potholes on the typical kerala road.

One of the main problems was rust, if the mudguards or undercarriage or running board was not properly painted and given periodic washing, especially since the rains in kerala used to leave the roads all muddy.

Even though many people converted their petrol cars to diesel or LPG in the 90's, my father seemed to like the petrol engine and did not change to diesel or LPG. He overhauled the engine a couple of times, when the pulling power declined.

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