Saturday, April 30, 2011

insurance problems

Today I came to know that just having a medical insurance policy in india was not enough. You also had to inform the insurance company very very soon after hospitalisation for the claim to be valid and submit proper documents within something like 48 hours after discharge from the hospital.

Many people do not read through the small print when they buy insurance policies and do not compare different options like premiums , benefits , features before they sign on the dotted line. So they face a lot of problems when they make a claim or try to change policies/companies midway, because they may not be aware of penalties and problems with lapsed policies.

There are some websites which sell insurance policies online for health insurance, travel insurance, baggage loss, vehicle insurance etc at unmatched cheap rates instantly without paperwork and without hassles. Some websites also offer pure life cover term insurance. Some also offer 24 X 7 support claims. Some also entice you with offers for your child and getting a lumpsum amount taxfree in your old age.
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