Monday, May 2, 2011

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The first telephone that we had in our home was the old landline phone from bsnl. It was a phone manufactured by bpl. It was a very simple phone, it did not have any bells and whistles.

Then after some time we applied for caller id facility. So we wanted a phone with clip facility and display. One of my father's friend told him about a simple display unit that can be connected to the existing landline. It was far less costly than a new phone with clip display. It worked for around two weeks before there was some fault in the display with some digits not getting displayed properly.

Then we bought a phone by with display and clip facility. It had a pretty majestic look and had a lot of lights on the number getting dialled and hadset. But here also the display started to have complaints within around 8 months. But the rest of the phone worked very well for a long long time.

Afterwards we bought a phone from beetel. Here also the display was pretty good. But there was some sort of screeching noise in the handset after around a year.

At that time we saw that some of the popular cordless phones had become cheaper. We also read some reviews on cordless telephones. Then we bought a cordless phone by voxtel which seemed to be the best cordless phone. This was costlier than the earlier corded ones. But it has been working pretty well for more than one year. The only problem is that the phone connection will not work if there is no current supply, since the base station is connected to the mains and does not have any battery backup. We had also bought a cordless phone made by bpl. But it had some problem with the battery since the battery would not last very long even after a full charge on its cradle.

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