Wednesday, May 4, 2011

mississippi river

The Mississippi river is one of the largest in the americas. It is around 200 feet deep at one of its deepest places. It has a elevation of around 1450 feet above sea level at the source and fall off to sea level at the gulf of Mexico. Lots of barges carry a lot of freight along the river. Some of the stories by Mark Twain take place close to or on the mississippi river.

There are lots of places for enjoying family vacations on the mississippi river with lots of private boat tours and charter boats for river cruises or enjoy the great river road.

But now there has been a lot of flooding on the mississippi river. The flooding on the river might go up to record heights. There might be immediate evacuation on the banks.
Worries about flood have made the government to blast a levee in Missouri. This might have sent lots of flood water into farmlands in Missouri.

Flood waters seem to be rising near Memphis

Mississippi is a state in the USA and Jackson is the state capital

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