Saturday, May 14, 2011

some songs from the fifties

Usually the old people think that the music from their younger days is better than today's music. But some young people also fall in love with the so called golden oldies music. There are lots of oldies radio stations which cater to such people exclusively. You can find online versions of such stations also.

You can find lots of lists of oldies on the net. Some deal with the top twenty or so songs of each year in the past. Some peope will concentrate on year or decade wise lists like 50 's music, 70's music etc.
There are various genres like rock and roll, surf rock, doo wop, bubblegum pop, rockabilly etc.

Some examples are

Rock around the clock by bill haley and the comets

The ballad of davy crockett by bill hayes

Love letters in the sand by pat boone

dance with me , henry by georgia gibbs

wake up little susie by the everly brothers

tequila by the champs

the chipmunk song by the chipmunks

blueberry hill by fats domino

long tall sally by little richard

see you later aligator by bill haley and the comets

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