Saturday, May 7, 2011

buying a second hand car from indus motors

We were looking to buy a second hand car after our our old ambassador car started developing problems with the brake and due to shortage of spare parts for the carburetor. An auto driver pointed out the true value outlet of maruti managed by indus motors.

We were planning to buy a second hand car around Rs.1.5 lakhs. There was a maruti 800 in the true value showroom which had run around 50000 km for that price.

But when we went to pay the advance amount of Rs.5000/- for that, we happened to see a maruti esteem with a petrol engine from 1997 that somebody had exchanged for a newer model the day before. Compared to the maruti 800 we were more happy with the maruti esteem since it was more spacious. It also was priced around Rs. 75000/-. Since the maruti esteem was an old model from 1997, it did not have the usual warranty and tune up that was available for second hand cars of later models.
The fuel efficiency of the maruti esteem was only about 8 km per litre which was comparable with our old ambassador. But it was much less than that of the maruti 800 reportedly closer to 13 km per litre or so.

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