Friday, May 20, 2011

some investor terms

on financial newspapers and online financial news and talkshows on tv , you come across many terms which you might not understand. Some of the common examples are

definition of EBITDA is something like earnings before interest,tax, depreciation , amortization
It is a tool for investors to measure the cash flow / profitability of particularly large companies with significant debt.

This is a measure of the liquidity available for the operations of the company and is usually used to measure the efficiency and financial health of the company

capex refers to capital expenditure / spending to create or acquire assets for future benefits.
Note that capex shampoo has nothing to do with capital expenditure. It is only a topical corticosteroid shampoo containing fluocinolone acetonide and used to treat inflammatory diseases of the scalp.

It is a ratio of current assets to current liabilities
This is a ratio that measures the company's ability to service its debts over a short term
Many people want to know the formulae for calculating current ratio and other ratios.

net income, free cash flow, operating income , operating earnings, operating profit are also used

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