Monday, June 11, 2012

first year b tech math exam of kerala university

The first year btech math exam of kerala university that was postponed earlier is likely to be conducted on wednesday the 13th of june 2012. Most students who wasted almost one and a half weeks due to the 3 postponed exams have just one day to go through the whole math portion because they seem to have had some other university exam on monday . Students from loyola school are very excited about their cultural event called la fest which is to take place later this month. Today I went a shop to buy some mats made of waste cotton. The shop keeper asked for Rs.30/- per mat. (The same mats used to cost around Rs.10/- to Rs. 15/- just a couple of years ago ).Household wiring equipment like switches and powerplugs with a few metres of thick guage wire, plastic pipes etc cost around Rs. 1000/-. Almost the same quantity of material used to cost around 700 rupees just a year back . A doctor adviced a patient to regularly incorporate leafy vegetables like cheere, cabbage and fruits like palayankodan (a variety of plantain)to avoid constipation and painful bowel movements . The palayankodan variety used to cost around 18 to 20 rupees a kilo while the rasakadhaly variety used to cost somewhere between 32 to 40 rupees a kilo .But now some shopkeepers are charging around 25 rupees for a kilo of palauankodan variety. But for ripe mangoes, around march, some varieties used to cost around 150 to 200 rupees per kg. But in the last week of may the same varieties cost only around 40 to 60 rupees per kg.
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