Thursday, June 7, 2012

kyc norms for mutual fund investment

Yesterday I had gone to the cams office near lic office near the government girls higher secondary school at pattom to ask about the kyc norms for mutual fund investment for my wife. The person at the counter in the cams office asked if my wife already had some old mutual fund investments in her name. They asked for a investment into some mutual fund handled by cams to accompany the kyc nomination form, since she did not have any old folio number in her name. So I went today with the kyc application form, pan card attested copy, proof of address, and a cheque for a small investment into a mutual fund by sbi mutual fund amc along with the application for the mutual fund. They accepted the forms. Then I went to the state bank of india, pattom branch which is close to the cams office. I wanted to update a pass book. There is a separate counter for updating the pass book in that branch, but the new line of update was overwritten on an already printed line. The person at the counter had to print all the entries on that page onto a new page for the entries to be legible. There is a Spencer's outlet just below the sbi office. I went there to buy some uzhunnu (urad dhal) and dopi rice used for making idlis and dosas. The ratio is about 1:4. Half a kilo of urad dhal cost about 39 rupees and two kilos of dopi rice cost about 54 rupees. A kilo of kera coconut oil cost about 85 rupees. I also wanted to buy some dried red chillies and some jeerakam.The red chillies was only availabe in bigger packets (for powdering I guess). The funny thing was jeerakam was also packed into big packets costing around 150 rupees or something. So I had to go the more outlet at marappalam junction. There I bought around 100 grams of dried red chilly for about 20 rupees (slightly exorbitant i guess) .There were smaller packets of jeerakam in this shop. I also bought a 5 kilo packet of ponni rice for around 135 rupees. One drawback of this shop is that the staff in the counter never seeem to have any change( they always seem to run out of 100 rupee, 50 rupee and even 10 rupee notes all the time).
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