Friday, December 5, 2008

integral of tan ² x secx using substitution

integral of tan ² x secx using substitution

regroup as tanx (secxtanx)

change tanx to sqrt(sec ² x -1)

use the substitution u = secx ; du =secxtanxdx

see below for more stepssome other examples
evaluate integral of { e^(1 /x^2)} / {x^3} -------------(integration by substitution)

evaluate the integral of [e^(-x) +1] ^2 ------------- integration after expansion using identity

integral of e^{x^(1/3)}-------------- e^{x^(1/3)}

integral of x / (x+1)^2-------------integration by adjustment

integrate 1/ (x^7 - x) -----------integration by adjusting

integral of ( ( 4 - x^2 )^( 3/2) ) with limits 0 to 1--------------integration by substitution

integral of [cosx (1+sin²x)] with 0 to π /6 as limits-------------integration by substitution


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