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website counters

website counters

If you have a website you may like to see the number of people who visit your site, where your visitors come from, which pages are the most popular, which browsers and operating systems your visitors use and so on.

Sometimes your web-host themselves may provide you with some of these statistics. If you are using services like geocities they already provide you with some of these statistics.

Otherwise you will have to rely on counter solutions available on the internet or make your own counter.

Most of the counters available on the internet give you a piece of code which you copy and paste into your webpage. Most of the sites providing these counters will ask for your email address when you sign up. Some of the free counters may send small ads along with the counter.

Some examples of third party counters are (this counter is used extensively on my site They provide a free version for upto 20000 pageviews per month, and also a premium version/trial version ) free edition for sites with upto 250000 pageloads per month and paid versions also if number of pageloads is higher)

Many more counters are available and can easily be located via search engines by searching for 'free page counters' or some similar search words.

Another approach to counters are php scripts.(first check if you can use php). There are many php scripts available on the net. Most of these require you to change your webpage from html extension to php extension. There may also be another small php file which contains the counter code to which you will link to from inside your webpage. Usually there may also be a text file to hold the count and optional image files to display the digits 0 to 9. (Also remember that the php code can be mangled by the auto correction features of webpage creating software like frontpage. Therefore it is better to enter the php code using a text editor after you have finished making your webpage). The php files are usually uploaded as ascii files.

some examples are

php without sql

php with sql

More counters based on php are available on the internet and can be located by searching for 'php counters' search engines.

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